Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why is Tristit TMAP different from online e-commerce platforms?

First and foremost Tristit TMAP MC is an advanced and scalable e-commerce platform with dedicated developers, designers and network engineers meant for professional usage whereas simplicity and the lack of a dedicated team from online store services limits the set of features a company might and should have.

Unlike online store services, advanced ecommerce platforms with unique mobile-first features like Tristit TMAP MC come with multi-front doorways, mobile apps, a personal touch, continuous custom development including but not limited to detailed analytics, marketing support, recommended products, coupons, notify friends, customer triggering, native features of apps, contact forms and custom reporting.

Migration of the data of your shop is also most of the time limited should you like to migrate one day.

Professional e-commerce sites should only be hosted on dedicated servers configured and managed by engineers. Running online shops on normal shared hosting will create a slow and frustrating user experience for visitors. Such crucial features and many more are missing in online store providers.

2) Will I get 24/7 online support covering technology and sales questions?

Yes. We give full and responsive support to our clients.

3) Do you charge transaction fees?

No. We do not charge any transaction fees nor are there any extra hidden costs. We only charge one flat monthly fee.

4) What happens if I would like to cancel?

You can cancel anytime with a 30-day notice.

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