Empower and engage your employees, customers, and stakeholders in new and innovative ways – with the TMAP Mobile Commerce 4.2 software platform from Tristit.
icon Our industry-leading technology and years of marketing know-how can deliver extraordinary results across your organization, transforming everything from transactions to interactions. We have the experience and capability to leverage ideas from our global engagements.
icon A comprehensive mobile commerce strategy tackles both features and functions and how your customers or employees actually use mobile technologies.
icon Tristit works with your business team to develop integrated solutions, taking into consideration information technology, marketing, operations and financial management. Our consultants have extensive experience in both technology and marketing.
icon TMAP 4.2 Mobile Commerce enables you to innovate faster, compete on the forefront, meet your current e-commerce business needs and establish a secure foundation for the future.
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Admin Interface
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Mobile web shop
Desktop web shop
Full catalogue unlimited categories and products
Content Management System
Managed hosting
Site statistics
Online Support
Responsive Design
Pay Pal integration + Wire Transfer
Ad Management
Search Engine Optimized
DNS services
SSL 256-bit security
Android shopping app
App Stores Publishing
iOS shopping app
Facebook shop
Integration Payment processors
Push Notifications
Custom Design
E-Mail hosting
Cloud Services
Social Media Integration and Support
Marketing & Sales support
Dedicated Account Manager
Data Mining & CRM support
Dedicated developers
Integration shop 3rd party e-commerce platforms
Local on-duty staff training
Consultancy & Management Support
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TMAP 4.2 Mobile Commerce (MC)
Our powerful combined ecommerce solution enables your company to quickly use mobile as a new selling channel. Seamlessly implement personalized marketing into your existing strategy and extend the power and reach of your brand and company.
You can quickly take full advantage of smartphone and tablets to deliver an continuously optimized mobile shopping experience. Combined with the right user engagement and location-based marketing, you can personalize and steer the mobile shopping experience to your favor like never before.
View your entire store on desktop, mobile devices and tablets, from the home page to the order confirmation page. Desktop customers see your original storefront while mobile users access your store tailored for their convenience and ease. Easily integrate with 3rd party systems. Extend your store anytime without any hassles.

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